FRA 1530KW

Base station antenna FRA1530KW designed for multi frequency medium and long range communication. Antenna VSWR measurement have been carried out by the Swedish Armed Forces Research (FFV), using: WILTRON 5411A Scalar measurement system. No antenna tuner required. Can be assembled as flat top or inverted "V" with one, two or three mast installation.

Heavy duty construction for any climate use. All material stainless steel or similar for long life operation. Recommended antenna height 10 meter or more.


Operating range 1,8 - 30 MHz
VSWR See chart (Depending upon installation)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Power 1000W
Termination "N" connector
Antenna width 49 meters
Total wire length 100 meters
Wire Stainless steel in acc. 98/392/EEC Annex ll A
Weight 13,7 kg

  1. Connecting rings for vertical lifting.
  2. Connecting rings for horizontal lifting under extreme conditions.
  3. Al. tube Dia 50mm for vertical assembly on the mast.
  4. Connection points for connecting bar.
  5. "N" connector for coaxial cable.
  6. Connection for easing of load on coaxial cable.
  7. Snap-on connection for spreaders/spacers.
  8. Winding hooks for antenna wire under transport.
  9. Nylon belts for locking antenna wire under transport.
  10. Antenna insulator snap-on connection.
  11. Balancing network unit.
  12. Balun unit.
  FRA 1530KW

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