On the special request from hams a popular modified construction of DNX 230A is available, using by amateur radio service.

On delivery of the DNX 230A central rod only is available, antenna wire is not included. This unique antenna design covers all frequencies from 1,8-55 MHz with low SWR when fed with 50 ohm coaxial cable. No adjustment, no antenna tuner is required when changing frequencies.

The antenna wire length is 160 meters (4x40 meters), and minimum required area to set up is only 20x20 meters, with rod support or similar. This antenna gives also the advantage of EMI rejection greater than conventional dipole and has better Gain vs. TTFD antennas on diff. frequencies. Assembled as double 90 degs. inverted "V". Copyright design No. 001776.

Operating range 1,8 - 55 MHz
VSWR See chart (Depending upon installation)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Power 1000W
Termination SO239 (other on request )
Total wire length  160 meters (4x40 meters)
Antenna weight 1,2kg (Central rod)



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