FRA 1530TA

The FRA1530TA is a Swedish designed and manu-
factured Tactical broadband Antenna for multi frequency, medium and long range communication 1,8 - 30 MHz. The antenna wire consist of a multi-wired copper cable for long life as well as being adapted for maximum performance. Stainless steel antenna wire on request.

The total width of antenna is 30 meters. FRA1530TA is designed for a power of 200W/400W The antennas low VSWR ratio means it can be used for civilian, military or commercionaly available transmitters for all type of radiocommunication, including so called "frequency-jumps" operation. The antenna can be installed as inverted "V", Delta, Sloper or Horisontaly, depending on geographical location. The solid weather-proof construction and design makes it able to meet strict demands.

  • The antenna is easy to assemble and can be done by one person.
  • Balun transformer is fitted into bottom of central rod in order to completely SO239 connector.
  • The end connection bars are fitted with hooks which can be used as a reel for the antenna wire under transportation.
  • The antennas central rod is mechanical dismantled to take a small place under transportation.
  • Small transport size, length of antenna is 450mm.
  • Easy to handle, which allows for install of antenna to be quickly ready for use.
The antenna`s keys performance and other parameters shows that each antenna is more or less dependent on the natural earth resistance at every new point of installation including electrical and geodetic physical characters.

The antenna gives also the advantage of EMI rejecton greater than
conventional dipole and other antennas on different frequencies. The antenna-system`s parameters means that VSWR and efficiency remain within approved limits. No antenna tuner required.

The SWR measurement may in reality vary in according to natural resistance, the installation or set-up of the antenna and geodetic position.

Operating range 1,8 - 30 MHz
VSWR See chart (Depending upon installation)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Power 200W/400W
Termination SO239 (other on request)
Antenna width 30 meters
Antenna weight 2,8 kg

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